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How to make money on the road

If you have chosen ‘living on the road’, you need to plan your life likewise. Van-life requires expenses and you need to get a job to sustain them. Remote jobs are the best option to earn on the go. All you require is a laptop and a good internet connection.  […]

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How much does van life cost?

There can’t be a definite answer to how much does it cost to live in a van, as it all depends on the type of vehicle, accessories, and the kind of luxury van dwellers look for. Van life costs also vary from van dwellers and van to van, thus planning […]

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Essential Tips for Stealth Camping

 What is stealth camping? Stealth camping means camping or living in a van, in a particular place that may or may not be meant for camping. However, you can park your minivan in an open place, woods, parking, or any place wherein you are not trespassing.  Is it legal? Stealth […]