There can’t be a definite answer to how much does it cost to live in a van, as it all depends on the type of vehicle, accessories, and the kind of luxury van dwellers look for. Van life costs also vary from van dwellers and van to van, thus planning is of utmost importance for van dwellers.

However, van dwellers should always do a reality check and get the best van. The van can be second-hand, a DIY conversion, or a brand new one. You can decide on your budget and the type of jobs you do to make a decision. Also, the van should be examined to suit your lifestyle and comforts as van dwellers.

Vehicles that are suitable for life on roads.

Second Hand Van

For new dwellers, a second-hand van is a good option. Also, always make it a point to refer to online tips and reviews before buying it. The ideal cost should be under $2000. However, if you go for a DIY van conversion, the cost can reduce significantly to as low as $700- $1000.

New Vans

If you are a full-time camper and have ample experience of being a dweller, you can buy a brand new vehicle for living in it. The market has several options for a van-life, and you can even customize them from basics to luxury. The price typically starts from $5000.

Life on the road is not easy, but if planned properly, it can be the best thing that can ever happen to you. The cost aspects of a van-life are often considered to be lower than normal life, but that is a myth. Van life costs can fall heavy on the pocket. 

And, let us briefly discuss some of those.

Major expenses on the road


This is a basic need for dwellers and it cannot be compromised. So when you buy the vehicle, make a note of its mileage and then work out the van-life cost accordingly. If you have ACs, heaters, burners installed, then even they might need the gas to work and add to the cost subsequently.

Tolls/ Visas

You chose to be van dwellers because you are going to travel and live. Work out the costs of the tolls on your routes. You even have to plan the costs on visas in advance when traveling through different countries.


In some areas, you will have to pay for the parking or rent of the camping areas. But if you find a covered parking space, it is always a safer option. However, parking spaces also come with their costs.


This is the basic necessity for humans, and van life costs for dwellers are incomplete without this. Moreover, see that you find affordable storage options for reusable like water, and use refillable containers for using the same. Food is another major life costs for dwellers, but this life cost can be managed and planned for the short and long-term journey.


Dwellers will need entertainment on the go. These may involve adventure sports, movies, and anything of your interest and the actual cost may vary accordingly. 

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