If you have chosen ‘living on the road’, you need to plan your life likewise. Van-life requires expenses and you need to get a job to sustain them. Remote jobs are the best option to earn on the go. All you require is a laptop and a good internet connection. 

Nonetheless, these van life jobs will make your working and living on the road easier. Van life jobs basically consist of jobs that do not require you to go to the office at all. You can work at your own time and in your comfort place.

Top 5 remote jobs for van-life

#1 Blogger

Writing blogs while you are living on the road is the best option for van life jobs. Write down anything that suits you. This includes your travel, experiences, recommendations, tips, and everything else. Try to make your blog as attractive as possible. If you think your writing is not that good, attract audiences through photos. 

Moreover, living on the road is sure to guarantee the best pictures. You can capture the right moments and make money. These van life jobs allow to you work from anywhere, anytime and all it requires are writing and photography skills. In brief, blogging will handle your expenses while you are living on the road.

#2 Writer/ Editor [As a freelancer]

These van life jobs only require writing skills. You can edit, proofread, Copywrite, write for social media, write e-books, and whatnot. Living on the road gives you experiences that are worth penning down and sharing, so why not make this a profession. 

If you have excellent writing skills and an eye for detail, this van-life job will suit you the best while living on the road. A writer/ editor job is in high demand and writing content will never go out of fashion. You just have to let your imaginations flow and write them in the most magical way.

#3 Transcriber

Being a transcriber can make you lots of money while pursuing your van-life or living on the road. Register for a Fiverr transcription and start sending proposals. The skills that you require for this job are listening and writing/typing skills. 

Moreover, this job is way easier and does not require research skills, and can be easily managed while living on the road. Also, these van life jobs have the best to offer if you manage to be a native transcriber. This job requires you to either listen to a piece of text and convert it into your native language or simply review a transcribed piece of document.

#4 Online Teacher

If you have a passion for teaching, nothing can stop you, not even living on the road. Being an online teacher allows you to connect to people around the globe while living in a remote location. Also, being a teacher is not limited to school teaching, if you have skills in any subject like personality development, foreign languages, etc., online teaching can be a great career. 

However, these van life jobs require a degree in the subject you are teaching or a certificate of the required course. If you are a native English speaker, teaching English can make money for your van life or while you are living on the road without any hassles. 

#5 Graphic Designer

If designing is your passion, this is the best job for you. A graphic designing career promises a lot of money. You just got to get the job right. Living on the road always gives you options to explore more and you can inculcate that in your design and sell it online. 

These van life jobs require designing skills and the appropriate software to design logos, websites, prints, and much more. You can also work for a designing company full time, which allows you to work remotely.

To conclude, 

These are only five of the many van life jobs that you can look out for while living on the road. There are a whole plethora of jobs that you can do, and every career option can be explored remotely. 

There are also seasonal jobs that allow you to work part-time and then enjoy the rest of the time living on the road. In fact, if you want to explore more options for van life jobs, keep watching this space. We are sure to come along with great job ideas to pursue while living on the road!

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