You prepare a bag of essentials even if you are traveling for a day. Then imagine how important it is to prepare in advance for van-life. Life in a van sounds exciting but there are a million things to take care of. From learning about repairing your van to surviving anywhere with minimum resources, is what van life is all about. 

Your essentials, visas, routes where vans are allowed, camping spots, day journey, night journey, fuel stops, etc. the essentials list for a van life is endless. But if done the right way, you can have the best experience of van-life!

Essential Things For A Van Life

#1 Toilet & Waste Tanks

These are van-life essentials that are important. There is no greater emergency than the emergency of nature’s call in life. And it is important to clean up after the act. So tissues, sanitary pads, wet wipes, sanitizers, are some of the essentials. Make your list and pack accordingly. Carry surplus dustbin bags and cleaning material to manage your waste.

#2 Camping Stove & Chairs

Van life does not mean you’re going to be in a van for 24 hours. You will surely take regular breaks, and you need camping essentials for it. A camping chair and a stove are a must. Other than that, you should pack the accessories that you need for camping.

#3 Wheel Ramps

Do not forget the wheel ramps. They are one of the essentials of van-life. They make your travel and stay, very easy. Wheel ramps assure safety when you park your van on any kind of road or ground. They also assure that moving things in and out of the van becomes an easy task. 

#4 Toolbox

Carry a toolkit with you. It need not be fancy but it should have all the necessary tools to use in case your van faces any kind of issue. Dedicated tools for your van and general tools should be a basic part of the toolkit. For a successful van life, learn all the repairs needed in case your van breaks down.

#5 Kitchen Essentials

You have to eat to survive. So pack the kitchen essentials patiently. There may be places where you have to survive on your packed food, so check the expiry and pack as much food as you can. Also, carry utensils that are easy to clean. A mini-fridge can also be one of the kitchen essentials.

#6 Cleaning Accessories

Cleaning agents are major essentials for van life. These include cleaning agents for bathroom, van, kitchen, and also for self, such as shower gels, shampoos handwash, etc.  If you are traveling with a pet or children, these cleaning agents should be packed in bulk. Here’s a tip, keep plenty of vinegar and mix it with water to create a safe cleaning solution.

#7 Safety Gadgets

Safety gear essentials should be of the best quality. So have a proper fire extinguisher system installed in the van. Also, install a security system and keep updating it regularly with apps when you have access to the internet. Safety gear also includes first aid kits and snow chains if you are traveling to snowy areas.

#8 Pet Essentials

Pets have their essentials list. If you are traveling with a cat or a dog, remember to keep lots of trash bags and room fresheners with you (for odor-free interiors). Apart from that, make sure to carry everything that a pet needs for a comfortable journey. This may include its bowls, bed, favorite toy, emergency medicines, and required paperwork from the vet. 

Be ready For an Adventure called ‘Van-life’

No matter how much you plan the essentials, it’s quite possible you leave something behind and realize those things on the go. Do not panic, stock up your van at regular intervals. Apart from the essentials, plan the paperwork and legal work for your journey, and the rest can be taken care of.

After all, what fun would life be if everything was strictly planned and then went according to the plan? So, do plan for the journey but do not forget to have fun. After all, experience and fun are the most important elements of life.

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